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The original THE NINES DUO of Lisa and Joe can level up your next gathering with beautiful acoustic guitar and vocal harmonies.  The DUO is perfect for smaller spaces and adds entertainment and a focal point to your event without hindering your guests’ ability to mingle.  Perfect for cocktail parties, receptions, celebrations of life, or any low-key gathering where you want music to enhance but not overwhelm your event. 

2023-01-28 01.26.15.JPG


Renowned cellist Jennifer Green joins Lisa's and Joe’s vocals and acoustic guitar to bring high-end elegance to TRE DOLCI.  The TRIO’s gorgeous sound

adds ambiance and sophistication to parties, receptions, art shows, religious ceremonies, or any event where you’re looking for a more formal or solemn feel.

Yacht Rock.jpeg


Want to get your guests dancing? THE NINES will have them on their feet all night long! Bringing the full force of Lisa, Joe, Jim and Joe B. on vocals, guitar, drums, and bass to your backyard or house party, fundraiser, corporate event, or retirement party will guarantee a high-energy, music-filled celebration, no matter what the occasion! 

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